React/React Native component and hook to animate counting up or down to a number

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Key Features

React Demo

All available props and methods for the component and hook can be found on the use-count-up Github page. Wonder why you should use toLocaleString? Read more about all benefits it offers here.

Just plug in the values you need and see how the count-up animation will look like on your website or app.

React Native Demo

Web and Mobile share the same props and methods. The full list can be found on the use-count-up Github page. toLocaleString works as expected on iOS. On Android it works with React Native after 0.59 version according to this post. In any case you are covered with fallback options.

I am more than certain that React Native developers are very skilled. So all you need to do is modify the prop values on the left and see the result live in the right field.

Didn't you find what you were looking for? Check out the full use-count-up documentation on the Github page.